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 Selfie @ Bianca & Ray's wedding, summer of 2017

Selfie @ Bianca & Ray's wedding, summer of 2017

So... who's Zablit?

Q: What's your background?

A: I'm a 35 year old Lebanese photographer. I was born and raised in Lebanon, and have lived for 20 years in Montreal so far. I am fluent in 3 languages (French, English and Arabic), enjoy a wide buffet of cultural tastes, and love to wake up at 6AM every day regardless of schedule. Yes, that includes Sundays.

Q: What makes you tick? What's your Why?

A: That would be most definitely people. They fascinate me, and I've always loved to observe them. Like, obsessively so. 

Q: Any other hobbies or interests?

A: I adore biking, enjoy the occasional game of chess and double espressos are my all time guilty pleasures. I've also worked on amazingly fun projects in 3D, VR, and web design over the years.

Q: What's next?

A: I'm constantly dreaming, ideating and playing. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I learn. My next projects include a new podcast, a blog, and a plethora of personal and professional projects. I wake up excited at the possibilities on the daily. 

And... what can you do for me?

Q: I'm head of a large company and we need to shoot a few dozen teams in less than 48 hours, can you do it?

A: Absolutely! I'm currently capable of shooting over 40 individual headshots per business day, without compromising the quality and energy you see in the headshot section. I understand that you may also have new hires down the road as well, so count on me on providing a scalable plan of action for the long run.

Q: I'm hosting an event tonight and need pictures to be delivered ASAP for my mailings. What are your turnarounds?

A: As soon as you want! Is 7AM good with you? How about... during the event? With the right budget, anything's possible. I can work solo, involve my assistant to expedite the cataloging process, or even to setup a real time WIFI based workflow so you can post the best shots of the night as it is unfolding. 

Q: I have so much that needs to be photographed through the year but am afraid budget's tight. Can we work things out?

A: Yup! What if I told you I offer yearly packages to answer those exact concerns? Whatever you may be planning in the future, these packages will allow you to know with absolute confidence that I'll be there at a moment's notice, ready to shoot, freeing you from worrying about availability and budgets.

Q: My wedding starts at 7 AM in the neck of the woods, and will last around 12 hours. You got the stamina for it?

A: I was born for it! I have shot weddings of 300 people for 14 hours at a time without taking as much as a 10 minute break, because adrenaline.  I regularly train, meditate and eat as healthy as possible, all in order to stay perfectly focused and energized throughout the day, no matter the challenge. 

Hope I was able to answer some of the questions you may be asking yourself =)

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