You're 50 employee strong and expect to make 20 new hires in 3 months. You need someone available, adaptable and scalable enough to tackle those challenges, year long. 


I'll shoot you faster than my own shadow.

My 5-minute headshot system is designed to make your company shine brightly, quickly and effortlessly.


Human above all.

We have 300 seconds together, let's make the most out of each of them and connect on a fun, lighthearted level. I mean, just look at them smiles.

That's because getting up and into the conversational flow is a matter of moments, thanks to a setup and a pipeline that are envisioned for that very connection.



High on scale.

Whether you're 10 or 100 heads strong, my level of engagement and commitment will carry, unwaveringly, from the first to the very last of your employees.

A workflow focused on efficiency, a personality that feeds on people's energies, and double long espressos are my trade secret. And why people come back year after year.