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One step at a time

I take great pride in detailing the shooting process at length, from first contact to final delivery, within each official proposition, all while tailoring it to your requirements and ambitions. 

The following is an inside look at those details. 

I. Preparations

Once your project is discussed, quoted and validated, the next step is focused on research. This is where I get to visit your team member’s LinkedIn profiles, read any papers or articles they have published, and quickly glance at any major social media they may have. This not only helps me better grasp who they are as firm partners or company employees, but most importantly as human beings.

I then send each a short email, where I both introduce myself, explain the overall process and answer any critical questions or concerns.

Through countless experiences, this step has proven to be of utmost importance as it creates a bridge of trust and understanding between models and photographer before the shoot has even begun.

Come the big day, everyone will feel familiar, at ease and excited to be there, rendering the entire experience a smooth and frictionless one for all.

II. The Big Day

On site, things are on ne peut plus zippy. The setup, trimmed from excessive gear and elaborate lighting tests, means we are ready to shoot within a fraction of the usual time.

It's a matter of logistical prowess from thereon, depending on the size of your teams. Whether it is five people captured in a comfortable hour to a company of 50 photographed within a day's time, we're juggling emotions and execution in one effortless flow.

Conversations abound, laughter ensues, and after a few minutes with even the most resilient of subjects, personalities proudly come to light ready to be captured.

III. Post Shoot

Back at the office, it's now time to import, catalog and archive the session.

This step is all about filtration, broken into three rounds of motion, from removing any picture that doesn’t meet quality standards to selecting the most humanly poignant and brand relevant shots. The process is very consuming, but I stop getting too specific beyond a certain point, leaving the fun and final part to be all yours.

The distilled content, called a Contact Sheet, now showcases the very best out of every person photographed. This online gallery is where you’ll make your selection, annotate it with your comments, and send it back my way for editing in a matter of clicks, from your computer or your phone. Told you.

IV. Final Touches

Once you're all set, the chosen photos will be edited in colours and black/white, in a light and natural way.

No glamour retouching or extensive photoshopping work is involved; every ounce of energy is put on harmonizing the composition, editing minor imperfections - we all get occasional pimples, right? - and making sure no visual distraction is taking the focus away from your expressivity.

V. Delivery

With your new portraits comes a new way of sharing them. Gone are the days of boring old dropbox folders. You’ll now be looking at your portal as if it was a fan dangling website all on its own.

You’ll be able to view your shots in full screen from any mobile and desktop device, instantly share them with the rest of your team and download them in a variety of preformatted resolutions, from lightweight 1K to 4K beauties.

Peace of mind is of utmost important, which is why everything is backed up for life, online, locally and off site, on dedicated encrypted servers. Making a presentation and forgot where you put a file 3 years from now? Naw, you didn’t.

Oh and the usage fees are also taken care of. Every package comes with built-in licenses that allow you to use the photos anywhere your company would need them, from your website to social media and other promotional material. Should you have further ambitions, the possibilities are one phone call away.